Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rent to Own

Location:         777 Heavens Avenue
No: of Rooms:    Numerous
Type of Housing:   Mansions
Leasing Length:     Forever
Price:  Paid in full (FREE)

Utilities include: Living water, pure lights

Happiness, joy, peace, eternal life, laughter and many more

777 Heavens Avenue is nestled in the "Holy New Jerusalem" with streets covered in gold paved with righteousness, aligned with hedges of holiness and offers spacious mansions. Each mansion is surrounded by flowing streams of living water and radiance of pure light.

This property will appeal to any soul with the prospect of living eternally in an imperial environment in the presence of its king. It will also attract one who appreciates the magnificence of a sacred kingdom and who wants to escape the torments of hell; thus settling in a royal and serene place.

If you are interested, please reserve a place NOW. No walk-ins accepted. For an appointment call J.E.S.U.S and He will give you directives on how to be a prospective tenant as the place is being prepared. Ownership will be transferred at the appointed time. This is a contract in which you MUST accept all non-negotiable terms and conditions. You must agree by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that JESUS is LORD. Thereafter you will receive a receipt signed in His own blood which reads. PAID IN FULL! DELIVERED! with your name next to it.

DO NOT forget to carry your receipt with you when you go there, or you will be denied entrance.


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