Expressing the Love of God Through Poetry

The Overcomer
I swam in a sea of iniquity
Floated on the raft of idolatry
 Anchored by the yokes of the enemy
as waves of sin washed over me

Death hungered after my soul
waiting to swallow me whole
too much pain I couldn’t cope
so much terror I lost all hope

Oh how I yearned to overcome that beast
How I wished to be released
There seemed none to deliver
From this terror that made me quiver

But a gentle knock I heard within
Alas, I said, death was finally winning
But it touched my heart like a flame of fire
consuming every worldly desire

It was Jesus Oh that divine King!
who showed up on that messy scene
to shield me with His holy blood
and restored me back to GOD

Thank You Jesus, THANK YOU.