Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Through the ordinary is manifested the extra-ordinary

 That is the result of my street ministry today - oh How great is the Lord, our GOD.

“My pain is gone, my pain is gone, oh, I am healed, O God, my pain is gone” was the joyful sound coming from the middle aged woman sitting across from me today with tears rolling down her cheeks.  Katrina,  who had no intention of entering into the little sanctuary at the hospital today experienced the power of GOD. She was on her way from an appointment and as she walked in the hall across from the sanctuary supported by her son and a cane, according to her, “something told me to go in there”. She entered and joined us, four ordinary people - another minister and I, and 2 older women.

The spoken word was "no matter what you are going through, whether pain, whether a bad report from the doctor, still praise God. We were just praising with hands lifted, clapping and dancing unto our God. We opened the Bible and sang the word of God. In all this Katrina joined us but due to the extent of the arthritic pain in her right leg, she remained seated but joined in clapping and singing. Suddenly, she got up from her seat with tears rolling down her cheeks blurted the words above. She walked up and down the little aisle leaping without her cane; she could not believe what had just happened to her.  It was the book of Acts chapter 3 all over again in which the lame man went walking and leaping and praising God after being healed.

She no longer needed the assistance of a human or cane; She walked flawlessly!   At that point she was so overwhelmed she was just praising God saying, “I am delivered thank you Jesus” and she laughed and laughed, again saying, “my pain is gone, I am taking the bus home, I am going to tell everyone I meet”. I have never seen that much excitement. I think it was more “wow” than excitement. She still could not believe it.

We were just rejoicing with Katrina, oh the glory of the LORD, the POWER of the Lord our GOD. It was so very simple; nothing dramatic, no big “healing service”, nothing of that nature. It was just a very reverential atmosphere where four ordinary people lifting up their voices in praises to God and He came down to see what that sweet aroma was and His power healed that woman. O, truly, He inhabits our praises.

It is therefore safe to conclude that The Lord, our God (blessed be He) through the ordinary, manifest the extra-ordinary. Give Him praise HIS people.
I will never stop going on the streets / hospitals to be a witness to the LORD JESUS CHRIST. (BARUKH HU) Blessed be He.  

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