Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are you a party crasher?

Give the angels something to celebrate - don't crash their party
   There are many who are like “sheep gone astray” from the body of Christ for various reasons and instead of showing them the way home, we tend to push them farther away by our Judgmental reactions towards them. Those who are in the pit, we tend to push them deeper into it not realizing that JESUS will leave us, the ninety-nine, and go out to look for that one lost brother.  
            Jesus said – For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.. (LK 19:10). And He still wants to do that through us but that depends on our level of submission to Him. He said as my Father sent me so I send you into the world. So the question we must ask ourselves daily is “am I being my brother’s keeper”? I wonder how many times GOD must have asked us every time a soul goes astray “where is your brother”? And by our inconsiderate behavior toward the lost we are merely saying to GOD “I do not know, am I his keeper?”
            God relies on those of us who are saved to go and show the lost brother the way to Him but many refuse because they choose to keep the son to themselves lacking thought for others.  People perish because of lack of compassion towards them – We who have the son know the way, we have the truth and we have life – but we refuse to show our lost brothers the way home, we refuse to rescue him from the devil’s deceit, and we refuse to revive them. But one day we will hear GOD say “the voice of your brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground”. (Gen 4:10)
            The word “keeper” in the Hebrew is “shamar” (Pronounced shaw-maw) it means: To protect, to guard, to hedge about (as with thorns) – So in essence, we are to protect each other from the deceit of the enemy – “Pray ye one for the other”. However, in many cases we become the enemy whether inadvertently or otherwise, and cause them to go astray. We ought to be like a hedge of thorns around each other by lifting each other in prayer and by giving the word of life as needed –“so none will lack”. It is in time of lack temptation raises its stronghold against people. So let us be each others’ keeper and bring back the lost sheep home. Hence, rocking heaven with celebration- let's not be party crashers.
You shall not see your brother’s ox or sheep going astray and hide yourself from them; you shall certainly bring them back to your brother (Deut 22)

Be blessed.

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